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One of my students who wanted to learn oil painting techniques from me, has “Oil Painting Formula” took it upon himself to make a table of contents for the program. Something I forgot to include.

Thanks Phil S. from Australia. He’s a designer so he even put “crop marks” on the design so it can be printed.

You can see EXACTLY what is in “Oil Painting Formula

He also sent me this email…
Thanks very much for your ‘Oil Painting Formula’ DVDs. They are brilliant and my work has improved 200%.
If you don’t mind a comment that I would like to pass onto you about your DVDs. Attached is a table of contents that would help customers from having to go through each DVD to find specific information that they need immediately.
Since you have 7 DVDs in 8 sleeves, the extra sleeve left over could contain the table of contents. I’ve advanced all my DVDs to have the contents on the first sleeve.
Hope this helps.

Phil S

Thank you Phil.


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